Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

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Based on the Sholem Aleichem stories by special permission of Arnold Perl.

Book by
Joseph Stein

Music by
Jerry Bock

Lyrics by
Sheldon Harnick

Produced on the New York Stage by
Harold Prince

Original New York Stage Production Directed and Choreographed by
Jerome Robbins

Stage Director
Dylan F. Thomas

Music Director
Noreen Green

fiddler on the roof is presented through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI). All authorized performance materials are also supplied by MTI.


headshot of Dylan F. Thomas
Dylan F. Thomas
headshot of Andrea Bear
Andrea Bear
headshot of Jennifer Kersey
Jennifer Kersey
Tzeitel / Props Mistress
headshot of Andrew Landecker
Andrew Landecker
headshot of Eden Kontesz
Eden Kontesz
headshot of Samuel Adelmann
Samuel Adelmann
headshot of Brooke Forman
Brooke Forman
headshot of Zach McDonald
Zach McDonald
headshot of Randy Crenshaw
Randy Crenshaw
Lazar Wolf (Tevye Cover)
headshot of Judy Rosenfeld
Judy Rosenfeld
headshot of Alexandra Ackerman
Alexandra Ackerman
Fruma Sarah
headshot of Linda Escobar
Linda Escobar
Grandma Tzeitel
headshot of Neil H. Brown
Neil H. Brown
Mordcha (Lazar Wolf Cover)
headshot of Ráhel Steinberg
Ráhel Steinberg
Mordcha**^ (Fruma-Sarah Cover)
headshot of Alex Denysov
Alex Denysov
Rabbi (Perchik Cover)
headshot of Aaron Byrnes
Aaron Byrnes
Mendel^ (Fyedka Cover)
headshot of Anthony Moresi
Anthony Moresi
headshot of Matthew Ellison
Matthew Ellison
Yussel, Priest*, Constable**, Pit Chorus
headshot of Eve Gomez
Eve Gomez
headshot of Ginny Cary
Ginny Cary
Bielke (Young Chava**)
headshot of Gerry Ezra Noriega
Gerry Ezra Noriega
headshot of Cymbaline Filippi
Cymbaline Filippi
Shaindel / Choreographer
headshot of Jake McDermott
Jake McDermott
headshot of Lisa Haufrect
Lisa Haufrect
headshot of Scott Firestone
Scott Firestone
headshot of Mark Sterling
Mark Sterling
Yussel, Priest
headshot of Richard Yé
Richard Yé
Featured Dancer (Ensemble)
headshot of Sahand Zare
Sahand Zare


headshot of Emily Blanco
Emily Blanco
Chava Cover
headshot of Lilach Cary
Lilach Cary
First Woman
headshot of Laura Colten
Laura Colten
headshot of Ashley Cornell
Ashley Cornell
headshot of Blake Eli
Blake Eli
headshot of Adalia Filippi
Adalia Filippi
Young Chava
headshot of Bowie Haufrect
Bowie Haufrect
headshot of Debra Kamenir
Debra Kamenir
headshot of Eden Klapman
Eden Klapman
headshot of Maya Mariano
Maya Mariano
headshot of Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller
Golde Cover
headshot of Dana Reynolds
Dana Reynolds
Hodel Cover^
headshot of Bonnie Samotin
Bonnie Samotin
Grandma Tzeitel Cover
headshot of Jennifer Sax
Jennifer Sax
Tzeitel Cover
headshot of Lilyann Thomas
Lilyann Thomas
headshot of Hayden Wilkoff
Hayden Wilkoff
headshot of Brigitte Wise
Brigitte Wise

Pit Chorus

Mervyn Kalmer

Jerry Wythe

Perry Fredgant

Ari Zev

On-Stage Klezmer Band

Ryan Glass


Sahand Zare


Creative Staff

headshot of Shira Renee Thomas
Shira Renee Thomas
Production Manager / Assistant Stage Director
headshot of Dylan F. Thomas
Dylan F. Thomas
Stage Director / Set Designer
headshot of Noreen Green
Noreen Green
Music Director
headshot of Julia Timmons
Julia Timmons
Assistant Production Manager / Assistant Sound Designer / A2
headshot of Paul Reid
Paul Reid
Stage Manager
headshot of Matt Mariano
Matt Mariano
Sound Designer / A1
headshot of Stephanie Sandler
Stephanie Sandler
Lighting Designer
headshot of Isabel Rodriguez
Isabel Rodriguez
Costume Designer
headshot of Beverly Wilkerson
Beverly Wilkerson
Assistant Choreographer
headshot of Tomas Gutierrez
Tomas Gutierrez
Light Board Operator
headshot of Cameron Struble
Cameron Struble
Assistant Costume Designer
headshot of Elle Sinio
Elle Sinio
Wardrobe Assistant
headshot of Frankie Carias
Frankie Carias
Deck Crew
headshot of Laura Vega
Laura Vega
Deck Crew
headshot of Laura Sage
Laura Sage
Webmaster / Graphic Designer

* June 1
** June 2 Matinee
^ Bottle Dancer

This organization is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles Department of Arts and Culture.

Los Angeles County Arts and Culture

VOPA Orchestra

Noreen Green - Conductor

Steve Huber, concertmaster
Jonathan Rubin
Sahand Zare
Joshua Heaphey
Tom Lloyd
String Bass
Lucas Helfman
Flute/Piccolo - Reed 1
Shannon Canchola
Shahid Yasser Osuna**
Clarinet - Reed 2
Ryan Glass
Clarinet / Bass Clarinet - Reed 3
Shelby Huber, Orchestra Manager
Bassoon - Reed 4
Charles Fernandez
Oboe / English Horn - Reed 5
Myka Miller
Trumpet 1
Carolyn Maraghi
Trumpet 2
Scott Wright
Trumpet 3
Mitchell Sturhann
French Horn
Jeff Gumpertz
Matt Evans
Anatoliy Mamalyga
Iryna Orolva
Slava Magidin