Live music theater, in all its majestic forms, is the ultimate 3D performance. It is the most impactful experience a community can have because it is truly a communal and cathartic one which incorporates every art form – singing, orchestral music, acting, dancing, lighting and set design, and visual arts, to name just a few. Unfortunately, not every member of our community has an equal opportunity to consume such a wonderful meal.

It has been the company’s goal, from our very first production nearly 15 years ago, to reach out to the most underserved members of our community in any way we can. We began by giving complimentary tickets to any person who couldn’t afford them. That small gift has grown, blossomed, and eventually become the fruit that has fed hundreds of our community’s most underprivileged members, including children, families, and seniors.

Fortunately, much like a blossoming tree, VOPA has grown strong, extending its branches into our community, with each branch of the Opera Tree bearing fruit.

About the Opera Tree graphic

“Opera Tree” is the name of VOPA’s community outreach and education branch. We call it such as a metaphor for how we see our relationship to the community and the community’s relationship with us. The upper trunk of the tree forms the “V” of VOPA. The Opera Tree’s branches reach out over the community, ready to start the fruiting process, and there in vibrant red is the nutritious fruit for the community. Two large hands grasp each other tightly to create the sturdy trunk. Those hands represent the idea on which VOPA’s founders created the company; namely, that by holding each other’s hands and pulling each other up, we can accomplish anything!

The lower fingers of the Opera Tree graphic represent the community itself. The larger VOPA grows, the farther down its roots will reach into the community. Fed by community leaders and members, businesses, and more, the Opera Tree’s roots will continue to nourish our tree, with the fruits continuing to feed the San Fernando Valley through performing arts, education, and participation.

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