VOPA Artistic Director Dylan F. Thomas has long dreamt of making the San Fernando Valley a true cultural hub of Southern California. With this goal in mind, Dylan created the San Fernando Valley Arts Coalition with the mission to unify the Valley through the performing arts, and to lead the SFV into becoming one of the most powerful live performance artistic destinations in Southern California.

The San Fernando Valley is made up of almost two million people, yet we do not have our own identity that is separate from Los Angeles. Most Valley-dwellers are not aware that they have world class performing arts organizations right in their own backyard, and instead they brave freeway gridlock to go over the hill, or they simply miss out on the opportunity to enjoy phenomenal cultural events altogether.

Through the Coalition, we will grow our arts community, gain visibility, and have the resources to create bigger and better performance events within the San Fernando Valley!

Current member organizations of the SFV Arts Coalition include:

Valley Opera and Performing Arts (VOPA)  

San Fernando Valley Master Chorale

San Fernando Valley Symphony  

LA Symphonic Winds  

San Fernando Valley Youth Chorus

Mission Opera  

Valley Dance Theater

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